Egypt’s Security and Safety Exhibition and Conference Sheds Light on a New Era for This Sector

This prominent international event will boost security, firefighting and safety levels in North Africa and the Mediterranean for the first-time next year

By Eman Hamed

With the growing need to strengthen security systems and achieve the Egyptian government’s national goals, the country is doubling its efforts to work on protecting its infrastructures and securing its international borders to fulfil its 2030 vision. It is expected that government spending in the field of security will grow 15 to 20 percent by 2024. Egypt is set to experience steady growth in the demand for the latest specialized state-of-the-art technologies from both public and private sectors as new opportunities, technologies, and solutions will be revealed at the Egypt International Security and Safety Exhibition and Conference for the first time. The conference will be held in Cairo from June 19 to June 21, 2023 under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Following years of instability across the country, Egypt is set to re-establish its position as the leading gateway between the Middle East and African markets. Given that the national security market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is valued at over US$20 billion, the commercial security is valued at US$5.6 billion, and the regional perimeter security sector is growing by 14.8 percent over the past year alone, there is huge untapped potential in this area. Thus, there is no doubt that a new era of economic growth is beginning in Egypt today consistent with the state’s plans and preparations to bring back its role as one of the biggest economies in the world by 2030 ahead of countries such as Germany and Japan.

Sanjeevv Bhatia Chairman of SB Group International and CEO of “Netix Global – IOT & AI Solutions Provider”, addressed the importance of utilizing the latest safety and security products and services in Egypt. “As the country is expected to achieve massive economic growth, it is crucial that its main infrastructure and facilities be modern, secure, safe & sustainable for a better tomorrow. It is also expected that the new investments planned from the public and private sectors in healthcare, education, energy, and infrastructure will fuel the growth of the Egyptian economy. We offer an extensive range of technological and intellectual solutions that private and public sectors can leverage to address the needs and challenges of modern happenings such as urbanization, smart buildings and smart cities with smart city management (Ai & ML enabled), digital evolution, and post-pandemic recovery. Security, cyber security, health, and safety will remain the backbone of these developments, which will boost industrialization and urbanization across the country. These top-notch products and services will be critical factors for Egypt’s future growth.”

The Egyptian cybersecurity market is projected to grow by 10.7 percent annually from 2020 to 2026. Such growth is associated with the fact that the country remains one of the only countries in the MENA region to witness such a positive change in project spending in the past two years. To implement President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s vision, Egypt has completed projects worth US$284 billion in the past six years, including the construction of roads, bridges, sewage treatment plants and power stations, in addition to a number of energy projects, from wind to solar energy. That comes in conjunction with COP27 which is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt this year. These investments reflect the significant growth that Egypt has achieved during the pandemic period.
DMG President, Christopher Hudson, highlighted the importance of developing security and safety in Egypt. “The new infrastructure developments from airports, seaports, residential and public facilities, will require the latest security and safety standards from the beginning The Egypt International Security and Safety Exhibition will serve as a vital platform that will bring together manufacturers, distributors, government regulators, architects and planners, system integrators as well as public and private end users to conduct business in these sectors. We will bring together the entire eco-system of the industry across its value chain. As a result of that, endless opportunities will emerge.”
It is worth noting that following the growth of Egypt’s GDP by 3.57% in 2020, the country is expected to rank seventh in the top 10 largest economies in the world and is estimated to reach a GDP of $US8.2 trillion by 2030. This growth will lead to several business opportunities, many of which are expected to emerge during the Egypt International Security and Safety Exhibition and Conference, serving as a vital platform to achieve such growth.
This event focuses on four main pillars; national security, commercial security, cyber security, firefighting and safety. It’s supposed to provide deeper insights into the latest trends, strategies, challenges and evolving opportunities in the global security and safety markets. It also includes three conferences on National Security and Police, International Cyber Security and Privacy, Firefighting and Safety. It will also cover multiple industrial segments as well as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Zone, a Drone Zone, and a Security Club – exclusive to senior executives in the fields of security, safety and firefighting from all over the world.
More than 10,000 security and safety experts, manufacturers, technology providers and government officials are expected to gather during the event to network, review and discuss new services, products and solutions that will serve as an incentive for a wide range of industries, businesses and organizations. As the only exhibition for the security, safety and fire protection industry serving North Africa and the Mediterranean that is dedicated to the complete security and safety value chain, the event is set to break new ground in terms of synchronizing regulations and laws for various sectors and laying the foundations for the safety and security of Egypt.
The Egypt International Security and Safety Exhibition and Conference (EISE) will be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre from June 19 to June 21, 2023 and is running parallel to the BIG5 Construct Egypt and the Egypt Infrastructure and Water Expo. EISE is organized by ACG-ITF and DMG events.

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