Cairo 3A Hosted Annual Scientific Conference “Cairo 3A School” in Hurghada, Egypt

By Eman Hamed

Within the framework of its commitment to support and develop the poultry industry, Cairo 3A Poultry, an affiliate of Cairo 3A Group, the largest national entity in the food industries sector, organized its annual scientific conference “Cairo 3A School” from January 14th to 18th, 2024, in Hurghada. The conference falls within the Company’s training program aimed at providing recommendations to breeders to improve and increase productivity and enhance food security.

The conference was attended by more than 150 poultry breeders and experts, in addition to the technical, commercial, and marketing departments of Cairo 3A, led by Dr. Mona Mahrez, Chairman of Cairo 3A Poultry, Mr. Anwar ElAbd, Chairman of Pyramid Poultry Company, Mr. Ibrahim Wagdy, CEO of Cairo 3A Poultry, Dr. Mohamed Hamoud, Poultry Division General Manager of Cairo 3A Poultry, Dr. Mohamed El-Manawi, Technical Consultant of Cairo 3A Poultry, and Mr. Ezzat Taha, Poultry Sales Director at Cairo 3A & Pyramid Poultry. Among the guests were experts from Hubbard LLC, including Victor Lesigne, Service Technical Manager EMOA, Thomas Verrey, Sales Director, and Hammad Hammad, Middle East Regional Manager. Scientific lectures introduced by experts of Hubbard LLC explained the genetic characteristics and advantages provided by the international poultry strain “Hubbard Efficiency Plus” to producers and how to achieve the highest productivity from it. In addition, a group of senior professors of veterinary medicine and poultry farming from major Egyptian universities such as Cairo University, Beni Suef University, Assiut University, and Damanhour University participated in specialized scientific lectures.

This conference comes within the efforts of the training program “Cairo 3A School”, the first of its kind in Egypt aiming to qualify broiler, grandparents, and parent breeders on all technical aspects of farm management and improving its efficiency by providing scientific and practical knowledge to poultry workers. This is achieved through equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success and build human resources capable of contributing more significantly to the poultry industry and providing them with opportunities for learning and growth. This comes in line with the Company’s framework of belief in the importance of caring for the human element to ensure the sustainability of the growth of the poultry industry.

“The human element represents the backbone of the poultry industry, as it requires extensive experience and continuous monitoring of poultry flocks. The breeder must have a comprehensive vision of selecting the best strains, feeding, vaccinations, barn design, ventilation, and other technical aspects to master and deal with carefully and with special care, enabling him to achieve the highest return on his investments,” said Mr. Ibrahim Wagdy, CEO of Cairo 3A Poultry. “Therefore, we focus on investing in human resources and the workforce in the poultry sector through practical and theoretical training. Stemming from our full support for all stakeholders working in this strategic industry to achieve the required growth and provide food security, which is one of our most important goals in the Egyptian market. Training and qualification are provided during the conference, starting from an initial test to assess the participants’ level, followed by eight scientific lectures lasting eight hours each, in addition to four hours of discussions. In the end, a final evaluation test was conducted, with 80% of the participants achieving an “excellent” grade.”

Since its establishment, Cairo 3A Poultry has aimed to be a major player and supporter of the poultry industry and all stakeholders concerned with this industry, particularly breeders, for the growth and development of the industry and achieving food security. In pursuit of this goal, the Company sought to disseminate knowledge and establish an important platform to provide information and expertise to breeders through poultry experts at Cairo 3A Poultry and Hubbard LLC, as well as professors of veterinary medicine and specialized poultry farming at major Egyptian universities.

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