Université Française d’Égypte Leads a New Era for French Higher Education in Africa

By Eman Hamed

Committed to its vision to be the gateway for the French higher education in Africa in general and Egypt in Particular, the Université Française d’Égypte (UFE) organized a press conference to announce its latest developments and discuss the university’s long-term mission. Held at the university’s campus in New Cairo, the event gives the opportunity to understand the UFE’s goal to be a hub of French education in Egypt; building on the strong cultural ties that unite the two countries. “Following the university’s reestablishment, led by the Egyptian and French governments in 2019, we are currently focused on bringing forth a number of strategic developments including a large campus in Shorouk, designed by a world-class consortium of architects,” says Pr. Denis Darpy, President of the UFE.

Founded in 2002, the UFE is a higher education institution under the dual supervision of Egyptian and French ministries of higher education. The UFE paves the way for the future generation of pathfinders. Accordingly, the university is committed to offer unparalleled high-quality educational programs, a solid integration into the job market and a dedication to securing your professional future. Most recently, the university organized its very first job fair in order to help its students identify and secure suitable job opportunities. 

The hub of French higher education in Egypt, the UFE delivers a multi-cultural experience as it offers a number of degrees from acclaimed French universities both accredited by France’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Egyptian Supreme council of the universities. A multidisciplinary establishment, the university grants degrees in engineering sciences, computer science and artificial intelligence, management, social sciences, architecture and applied languages. Varying between two programs, bachelor degree is granted at the end of a three-year program; in the meantime, the master’s degree extends to reach five years.  A true gateway for French higher education between Europe, Middle East and Africa in Cairo – the UFE offers bilingual education, in French and English, provided in an Arabic-speaking environment. Dutifully contributing to the education of a new generation of highly skillful professionals, The UFE relies on a large consortium of universities that grant French diplomas recognized in Europe and accredited in Egypt. Its partners, listed in all international rankings, are Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Nantes University, Haute Alsace University and the INSA of Strasbourg.

The UFE is also focused developing internationally recognized academic research in connection with the economic, industrial and social environment, which is a pillar of the teaching quality and the university’s international notoriety, the UFE is also focused on investing in nurturing ambitious academic research.

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