By Eman Hamed 

Tatweer Misr- the leading Egyptian real estate developer- announced an exclusive partnership with I-Events – one of the leading events agencies in Egypt and the MENA region. According to the partnership,  Tatweer Misr will become the main partner for the annual Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards (EEA) organized by I-Events, for three consecutive years starting 2022.

This announcement came as part of a signing ceremony held by both parties today attended by President and CEO of Tatweer Misr, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, CEO and Founder of I-Events and Founder of EEA, Mr. Amr Mansi alongside delegates from both entities as well as representatives from prominent media outlets.

“Tatweer Misr & I-Events share the same vision and values represented in allowing opportunities, growth and prosperity of young innovative minds. Today, we join forces to create a complete cycle of innovation and support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With Tatweer Misr’s innovation competition, focusing on young & early- stage innovators and EEA targeting more developed and established entrepreneurs, we are synchronizing our efforts to fulfill our objectives together” explained Dr. Ahmed Shalaby.

Dr. Shalaby continued, “The future of work is entrepreneurial.  I believe that the true value of entrepreneurship education may lie in learning how to ‘think different,’ and that’s where our three-year partnership with EEA comes to build on our works to support youth in their entrepreneurial endeavors and to close the gap between our support of seed ideas and small businesses, which in turn brings us – Tatweer Misr – a step closer to achieving our own goals in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive and achieve its full potential.”

Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards (EEA) is being held for the second year in a row, in efforts to support Egyptian entrepreneurs in various fields. The aim of this ceremony is to shed light on inspiring business role models, who have positively impacted society, and encourage future generations to become innovators and change makers. EEA also celebrates the most prominent figures in over 15 different industries, with the presence of a large group of business experts and entrepreneurs, thus creating a platform that enhances the overall innovation process and allows sharing knowledge and expertise within the community.

Mr. Amr Mansi also stated, “We are honored to cooperate with Tatweer Misr under a 3-year partnership to sponsor Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards, this truly shows their commitment towards supporting entrepreneurship in Egypt.” 

He continued, “Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards aim to shed light on entrepreneurs who have achieved real successes in diversified fields. We believe that they are a source of real inspiration for many startups and youth.” He added, “This year, we will provide opportunities through Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards, for emerging entrepreneurs to interact and communicate with business experts; to benefit from their experiences, and present and discuss their projects.”

Tatweer Misr’s benchmarking efforts in supporting and contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem are the driving force behind this partnership. The leading Egyptian developer has been prioritizing education and entrepreneurship, setting them at the center of its Corporate Entrepreneurial Responsibility (CER) initiatives from the very start. This was evident through the launch of Tatweer Misr’s annual Innovation Competition back in 2017, in addition to launching their first home project “Bloomfields” in Mostakbal City to become Egypt’s first college town and a hub for education, entrepreneurship and innovation. The project would act as an incubator as well as an accelerator for young innovators, students, thinkers and doers through a 90-acres educational zone located at the heart of the project.

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