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REKAZ Development Contracts with Atom and AROMA to Complete Construction Works in Two Phases of Lazuli Project at a Cost of 400 Million EGP

By Eman Hamed

REKAZ Development announced contracting with Atom Construction and AROMA Landscaping to complete construction works in the first and second phases of Lazuli project in Hurghada city, Red Sea, at a total cost of 400 million EGP for both contracts. The contracts come as part of the company’s plan to accelerate the pace of implementation in the project.

Under this contract, Atom Construction will complete the construction works of the project, while AROMA Landscaping will implement the landscaping works. The contracting with both companies comes within the framework of REKAZ Development’s plan to cooperate with strong entities to implement a distinguished project in all its details.

The contract was signed by Eng. Tamer Bekir, CEO of REKAZ Development, Eng. Mohamed Galal, Chairman of Atom Construction, and Eng. Mohamed Salama, CEO of AROMA Landscaping, in the presence of company officials.

Eng. Tamer Bekir, CEO of REKAZ Development, said: ”Accelerating the pace of implementation to maintain specific delivery dates is an essential part of the company’s work strategy to maintain the trust of its customers.” Adding “This new contract comes to complete the construction works of Lazuli project to the highest quality standards. REKAZ Development carefully chooses its partners in implementing its projects.”

He added: “Atom Construction is one of the promising companies in the contracting sector with accumulated experience in implementing works for major real estate development companies in the market. The contract with the company ensures the implementation of the project with the same specifications and standards specified in the project design and agreed upon with customers.”

He explained: “Lazuli project is located on an area of 40,000 m2 in a distinguished location in Hurghada city. The project includes various units of apartments, townhouses, and studios, with a distinctive and dazzling view for each unit in the project.” Pointing “The company cooperated with Architects DARA for engineering designs to develop the architectural design of the project to achieve the standards of luxury and stunning views for each unit, which guarantees the customer a different stay during their presence in the unit and the entire project.”
He pointed out “The project includes a variety of services that guarantee a distinguished level of luxury and quality of life for customers. The project includes a social club, a health club, a business center, a paddle court, a private swimming pool for the project’s customers, a sports walkway, a lagoon that guarantees a view of the water inside the project, and green spaces and landscapes that guarantee views from all over the project. The building ratio in the project does not exceed 20% compared to the percentage of green spaces and lagoons, which reaches 80%.”
“The project is distinguished by a unique commercial walkway (Lazuli Bradwalk) with a length of 350 meters. Providing services is an essential part of ensuring a stable and distinguished stay for customers within the projects, especially coastal projects.” Bekir said.
Bekir stressed “The current market changes and the high cost of implementation push serious companies to accelerate the pace of implementation in their projects to avoid a gap between the selling price and the cost of implementation. This is one of the most important precautionary measures that the company takes to deal with the high cost of implementation.”

Eng. Mohamed Galal, Chairman of Atom Construction, said” Cooperating with REKAZ Development in this innovative project adds to his company’s track record. It imposes an obligation on the company to implement the required works to the highest quality standards. The company has set a timetable and a strong plan to implement the required works in the first and second phases of the project to the highest quality standards to make the project one of the most prominent landmarks in Hurghada city.”

He noted “Atom Construction cooperates with major real estate development companies to implement various works. The company is keen to choose the developers and projects it works with to maintain a certain level of track record. Atom implements various works in real estate projects, including contracting, integrated engineering works, finishing works, and electromechanical works”.

Mohamed Salama, CEO of AROMA Landscaping, added” We are proud to work with one of the leading companies in the real estate market and add our expertise to a distinguished project in Hurghada city, which is Lazuli project.According to the contract, we will undertake the implementation of the project’s landscaping works using environmentally friendly materials and based on sustainability standards.

He stressed ”Focusing on innovation and excellence in the design and implementation of landscaping works that match the uniqueness of the project. The project emphasizes innovation and excellence in landscaping design and execution to match its unique character. Plants are selected to be compatible with the surrounding environment and achieve harmony in terms of shape, size, and color, creating visual pleasure and inner peace for residents. Adding “AROMA Landscaping has over 15 years of experience in designing and executing landscaping works for various real estate projects. It has a unique and innovative approach to maximizing the use of available green spaces, combining engineering and aesthetic considerations to create exceptional landscaping.”

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