LONGI Green Energy Technology eyes 200 megawatt sales in Egypt in 2023

By Eman Hamed

LONGI Green Energy Technology, a world leader in solar power products, eyes 200 megawatt worth of sales in the Egyptian market next year 2023.

Gross sales of China-based LONGI in North and West Africa, Egypt included, recorded 350 megawatt this year amidst a growing demand for solar power, Regional Manager at China-based LONGI Eng. Amr El Barak said in press statements on the sidelines of debuting its new solar power product Hi-Mo 6 in Egypt.

Egypt is a key market for LONGI, thanks to the political leadership’s interest in transitioning to the green economy. Additionally, solar energy is increasingly tapped for irrigating lands, not to mention the widespread use of solar panels in the New Administrative Capital and Mega National projects, he added.

According to the Sales Manager at LONGI Eng. Ahmed El Khrsh, the chinese company announced the launch of its new generation of solar cells “Hi-Mo 6” in Egypt, which is the first country in the region that sees the launch of the new technology of solar panels. The company is set to kick off these new cells in Morocco and other countries in the foreseeable future.

Head of Maryzad Eng. Amr Bebers and LONGI’s agent in Egypt underscored the company’s anxiousness on alluring high-quality products in the Egyptian market, adding that LONGI are classified among the biggest manufacturers of solar panels worldwide.

Bebers implored the government to treat solar energy products as strategic assets and to prioritize them in securing dollars. Moreover, this sector ought to see some royalties cut, a move that could strengthen the country’s leading standing in the realm of renewable energy, widely seen as instrumental in carrying out Egypt’s 2035 Vision which aims at boosting the country’s renewable energy output to 42%.

Not to mention a plethora of mega projects and schemes that the Egyptian government has carried out ahead of COP27, the way COP27 was organized by Egypt has inspired the world, he explained. “ Launching more solar energy projects will bolster Egypt’s aptitude at facing up to climate change.”

The new generation of LONGI’s Hi-Mo 6, tweaked to handle lower temperature, is 25% more efficient at generating energy for longer time spans against a smaller surface, making it the best choice for use in household, manufacturing and agricultural areas, and more feasible than the classical one, he maintained.

Maryzad is now available in KSA, UAE and Lebanon, as it is expanding into new markets in Sudan, Djibouti and Libya to keep pace with the company’s expansion plan into Arab and African markets, in order to fulfill the goal of upping its business volume in the period to come.


Deputy chairman of LONGI Denis Xi said that the company pays special attention to upscaling and modernizing its products continually so as to make them more secure and efficient, both are helpful in expanding into renewable energy.

LONGI aims at producing 25 Gigawatt from the new generation of solar panels Hi-MO 6, the world’s first photovoltaic unit designed to fit in distributed scenarios, as it is the most efficient and secure product in the photovoltaic market.

LONGI seeks to expedite transitioning to green energy through the continuous technological upgrading, so as to cut energy costs, he explained, adding that the company hopes to cut prices of green energy and make it available worldwide.
In the same vein, Deputy chairman of New & Renewable Authority Eng. Ihab Ismail said at an event marking the launching of the new product that the Egyptian strategy aims at reaching 42% renewable energy by 2035, adding that the attendance of top companies in the Egyptian market will be crucial for carrying out that strategy.

LONGI has unveiled its latest products and predilection for the Egyptian market, a fact that demonstrates Egypt’s leading position in the region and Africa Continent, Ismail added, noting that the country’s renewable energy output was the biggest. “ These products are of higher capacity and bigger economic returns.”

The introduction of more innovative products will help curtail costs of 1 kilowatt of solar energy, on the backdrop of surging demand for these top-notch quality products, paving the way for Egypt to be an energy hub in the region in the period to come.

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