Abyat El Kuwaitiya launches its business with an ambitious investment plan in the Egyptian real estate market

By Eman Hamed

Abyat El Kuwaitiya Company announced its intention to invest in the Egyptian real estate market, among an ambitious investment plan, which it seeks to implement in the local market, that comes in conjunction with the comprehensive urban renaissance that Egypt is currently witnessing, and includes strong investment opportunities available to all companies.

Abyat assured its confidence in the investment advantages that the Egyptian real estate market enjoys, which makes it the premier of competitive markets, as it enjoys a real demand for all residential segments, and also includes beneficial investment opportunities with governmental facilities to all developers, in addition to the presence of successful Arab and foreign investment experiences in the Egyptian market.

The company showed its plan to implement various investments in cooperation with Egyptian expertise, as it has already started implementing its plan, which will reach 10 projects during 2023, as constructions already started in more than one project, after fulfilling all excellence conditions in these projects, which include choosing a strategic location that guarantees a high return on investment for client, high quality and practical areas in its projects.

The company also succeeded in acquiring lands that are considered unrepeatable investment opportunities, which are distinguished by easy accessibility to them and their proximity to the surrounding strategic axes, which guarantees easy movement of the client to and from his unit within the project, especially in conjunction with the presence of national road network that Egypt is currently implementing, which are regarded as lifelines for all new cities.

The company assured its reliance on its cumulative experience and market studies on both the real estate sector and clients needs upon working in the Egyptian market, supporting clients’ confidence in the company, and relying on credibility standards that will achieve mutual trust with clients whom the company regards as true partners, supporting the company’s investment plans in the Egyptian real estate market.

Abyat pointed that it includes human cadres with strong cumulative experiences that exceeds 20 years, besides the company also works according to ambitious plans, distinguished financial and technical solvency, which are elements that enable it to compete in the Egyptian market, which is witnessing a huge and unprecedented urban development based on the investment opportunities that the state constantly offers to local and foreign investors.

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