Madinet Masr Sponsors The Masters Handball Team Stemming from its Commitment to Nurturing Egyptian Talents

The sponsorship aims to support the sports sector in Egypt as a part of its strategy to fostering Egyptian Talents

By Eman Hamed 

Madinet Masr (stock code MASR.CA), one of Egypt’s leading urban community developers, announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the Masters Handball Team, formed by a group of former Egyptian handball stars. The sponsorship aims to prepare the team for the Masters Handball World Cup in Croatia, reflecting Madinet Masr’s commitment to enhancing the sports sector in Egypt and providing support to athletes across various ages. This step aligns with the company’s strategy to support Egyptian talents, the sponsorship focuses on providing the necessary support to elevate sports performance and competitiveness globally.

The ceremony was signed by Eng. Abdallah Sallam, President and CEO of Madinet Masr, and Ahmed Luxor, Wagih Tarek and Ahmed Abd El Latif, representatives of the Masters Handball Team, Madinet Masr will provide full financial support to the team as they prepare for their upcoming tournament in Croatia. The sponsorship is part of the company’s vision to support talents, invest in Egyptian sports development, and enable athletes to achieve great accomplishments globally in Egypt’s name.

Commenting on the signing of the sponsorship, Eng. Abdallah Sallam, President and CEO of Madinet Masr, said: “We are pleased with this cooperation, which marks a new chapter in Madinet Masr’s history as a sponsor of the Masters Handball Team. This reflects the company’s commitment to supporting the sports sector in Egypt and Egyptian talents, aspiring to create opportunities for Egyptian players of all ages and categories to become world champions. This step is part of the company’s strategy for expansion and leadership, not only in the real estate sector but across all sectors, to provide a motivating environment for creativity and success on all levels.”

Masters Handball Team representatives, expressed their gratitude on behalf of the team for Madinet Masr’s sponsorship, stating: “We are grateful for the sponsorship opportunity provided by Madinet Masr. We are confident in their strong and continuous support, which is demonstrated through their 65-year legacy in the Egyptian real estate market and their efforts to support Egyptian talents. The company’s choice to support our team encourages us to continue achieving excellence and success by representing Egypt in the upcoming championship, and we will intensify our efforts to raise Egypt’s flag on global podiums.”

It is noteworthy that the Masters Handball Team was assembled when two former players discovered a special handball tournament in Croatia for individuals aged 35 and above. Consisting of 20 former handball champions, the team was formed to represent Egypt in the Masters Handball World Cup in Croatia. Previously, the team won second place, and their goalkeeper was named the best goalkeeper in the tournament in 2023.

The seventh Masters Handball World Cup is scheduled to take place from May 22th to 26th, 2024, in Omiš, Croatia, boasting a record number of participants with nearly 2,000 expected across nine age categories. The tournament aims to break the record for the number of participants compared to the previous year, which had 63 teams from 16 countries. Since its inception in 2017, the tournament has attracted teams from around the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.


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