How eating MORE can help you lose weigh?

Consider eating more calorific options that are actually far healthier

By Profiley

Swapping to more calorie-dense meals than a usual diet advocates may seem counterproductive, according to the sun.

But Tamara Willner, a British nutritionist from the healthy eating plan Second Nature, backed by Public Health England, explains this is the best way to make real change.

She warns you could be sabotaging your weight by eating a low-calorie diet.

It could lead you down a path of yo-yo dieting, but even more worrying, it could lead to an eating disorder such as binge eating.

“Many of us who count calories end up achieving a calorie deficit (taking in fewer calories than we use up), and losing weight in the short-term,” Tamara said.

“But then our metabolism and hormones adjust to this “new normal”, promoting fat gain and increased appetite.”

If you’re watching calories, your soul focus is likely “the lower the number, the better”.

And you may have found a way to eat things that fit within your calorie range but that have little nutritional value and energy.

This includes a biscuit, a diet coke, a small turkey or ham sandwich, crackers, sweeteners in your coffee, low-fat spreads or a small fruit yoghurt.

Consider eating more calorific options that are actually far healthier – such as avocados, nuts, pancakes, greek yoghurt, curries and dark chocolate.

These options will help you feel fuller for longer, reduce sweet cravings, and provide you with essential nutrients and vitamins which generally help with sleep, energy to exercise and immunity.

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