Aqar Misr Developments launches “The Ark”, the latest phase of Anakaji, in the New Administrative Capital

Bahaa Hafazallah: We succeeded in completing 70% of Anakaji’s construction and we are planning to deliver the first phase by the end of this year

By Mohamed Kamal

Aqar Misr Developments has launched “The Ark,” the latest phase of Anakaji in the New Administrative Capital, with a total of 150 units of various sizes.

Bahaa Hefazallah, General Manager of Aqar Misr Developments, said that the final phase of the project is a very special phase due to its proximity to the commercial center, the club, and the swimming pools, and includes various spaces, starting from a one-room studio with an area of ​​102 square meters up to 330 square meters for a duplex, pointing out that the company is offering a special offer. Payment will be made during the current month on the occasion of the launch of the final phase, with a 10% down payment and equal installments over 8 years.

He pointed out that the company has succeeded in completing 70% of the construction of the Anakaji project, and deliveries of the first phase, with a total of 200 units, are scheduled to begin by the end of this year, becoming one of the first deliveries in the R8 area in the New Administrative Capital, pointing out that the company is in the final stage of finishing The facades of the buildings, elevators have been installed and entrances have been finished, and within the next few months the landscape areas of the project will witness a major achievement.

“Anakaji” compound is located in one of the most exclusive areas of R8, on an area of ​​20 acres, and includes 10 residential buildings, each building has 4 separate entrances, with a ground height and 7 floors. The project includes 800 units, with an investment cost estimated at about 1.4 billion pounds, and it also includes a club. A social, cultural center, and green spaces, so that the built-up area of ​​the project does not exceed 18% of the total area, indicating that the project took into account modern designs that suit different tastes.

He added that the company is currently preparing the final design for its commercial project in the R8 area, which includes commercial, medical and administrative spaces, and is scheduled to be launched in the last quarter of 2024.

Regarding the future plan of Aqar Misr, Bahaa Hefazallah said that Aqar Misr plans to launch projects in New Cairo, the North Coast, and the Red Sea during the coming period.

He stressed that the Ras ElHekma development project is a major shift in investment in that region, especially because the UAE has strong experience in development and tourism and exploiting attractions to encourage investment, pointing out that this project will greatly raise the ceiling of competition with Egyptian developers, which will contribute to the production of world-class products. .

He pointed out that the Ras ElHekma project, as stated by the UAE side, will become a destination for high-cost tourism, which will attract a new category of tourists, adding that since the state announced the project, a large number of developers have been enthusiastic about announcing new projects in the region, which underscores the importance of developing this important and vital region of North coast of Egypt.

Hefazallah praised the infrastructure and road projects that were announced to help developers develop this area, such as the high-speed train, new airports, and others, which would transform the northern coast into a region full of work and vitality throughout the year and not only during the summer period, which encourages investment in the field of hotels and restaurants, supermarket and shopping.

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