TCI Sanmar, vocational training leader, concludes 3rd successful round in Port Said

Jayaraman: TCI Sanmar is committed to building a strong base of well trained and skilled labor force that can enrich the whole business and industrial community in Egypt

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TCI Sanmar Chemicals concluded the 3rd successful round of its vocational training program by graduating new 90 trainees, in collaboration with the Industry Service Complex, affiliated to the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT). The program succeeded to train around 400 students throughout its three rounds held across Canal governorates of Port Said, Suez and Ismailia.


On this occasion, P.S.Jayaraman – Chairman, TCI Sanmar Chemicals – expressed his pride of the graduating vocational trainees, saying: “TCI Sanmar is committed to the development and investment in the youth of Port Said as one of its sustainable development pillars. We invested more than EGP 2 million in the three rounds of vocational training program in the period between 2018 and 2022.”


“TCI Sanmar is committed to building a strong base of well trained and skilled labor force that can enrich not only TCI Sanmar, but all the business and industrial community in Egypt, in line with the National Strategy for Sustainable Development: Egypt Vision 2030 and the National Program for Structural Reforms, which support the technical education and vocational training system that represents the main element supporting the link between education and the labor market,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr.Khaled El Kilany the Dean of Industrial services complex, AASTMT – commented saying “It’s a source of delight for us to be collaborating with TCI Sanmar to hold and accomplish the third round of the vocational training in Port Said. We believe this cooperation will positively impact the industrial sector in Egypt through the program that works to reinforce the skills of the youth, which will be reflected on the whole economy.”

TCI Sanmar has embarked on other initiatives, within its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts. Some of these efforts included carrying out a campaign for polio vaccination between 2019 and 2021, while collaborating with Port Said Governorate Office in the sanitization of public areas, where the company allocated 100 tons of concentrated hypochlorite to be used as a feeding material to manufacture nearly 1000 tons of disinfectants and cleaning materials amid the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s expected that further initiatives will be announced soon, in accordance with the company’s future plans.

It is worth mentioning that TCI Sanmar is the largest Indian investment in Egypt with USD 1.7 billion (foreign direct investment). The company manufactures three main products, namely: Polyvinyl Chloride, Caustic Soda, and Calcium Chloride. TCI Sanmar is the largest manufacturer of Polyvinyl Chloride in the Middle East & North Africa region. Polyvinyl Chloride happens to be a key product used in infrastructure development, which is one of the most vital economic growth engines around the world. TCI Sanmar manufactures other products that serve the country’s strategic needs, such as Chlorine and Hypochlorite.

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