Tatweer Misr partners with Huawei Technologies to revolutionize IoT/ sustainble Solutions

Huawei Technologies would provide a range of value-added services, leveraged by Tatweer Misr

By Mohamed Kamal

As part of Tatweer Misr’s vision to establish sustainable smart and happy communities and with Huawei Technologies Egypt’s expertise in technology strategy, production ideation, technology development and deployment. Both parties have merged forces to deliver sustainable and smart technological software solutions throughout Tatweer Misr’s projects to help build a fully connected intelligent world.

This came as part of a signing ceremony held today by both parties that witnessed an agreement signing and was attended by Tatweer Misr’s President & CEO, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise Business Group’s Presdient, Mr. Michael Li, alongisde representatives from both companies and the media. The partnership is an important strategic agreement for Tatweer Misr, helping deliver its ambitious plans to launch fully-connected sustainable & smart cities in Egypt.

Sustainable cities and technological solutions would serve as a win-win sitauation for both developers/ business owners and residents as this would result into a 50% increase in the energy consumption efficiency and a 30% cut back in operational & maintenence costs. Therefore, Tatweer Misr has so far invested over EGP 4.5 Bn in smart solutions.

The partnership is a powerful combination between, Huawei technologies’ understanding of complex digital and technological products interactions, its deep engineering expertise, and Agile, collaborative applications, and Tatweer Misr’s constant readiness for creativity to develop the innovative active network solution where the sustainable & smart city services meets the Internet of Things (IoT).

Supporting Tatweer Misr’s strategic vision to establish sustainable, smart & happy communities in Egypt, bring a unique product to the market and always surpassing clients’ expectations, Huawei technologies will provide a variety of IoT-enabled software products and services. A full fledged platform that connects to every sensor connected to the main infrastructure, Analytics Technologies, Video Management Systems (VMS), Switching, and a platform that monitors all actions.

The platform will allow Tatweer Misr access to data-driven analytics that will support in assessing their residence behaviors leading to more smart and sustainable decisions; acheiving its Renewable Energy and Urban Infrastructure holistic vision, such as streetlight controls, water network controls, electricity network controls, security network controls, surveillance cameras controls, air quality management, and smart irrigation systems.

Huawei Technologies would provide a range of value-added services, leveraged by Tatweer Misr to strengthen engagement among the communities, enhance the lives of its residents and maintain the efficient development of sustainable & smart communities. All residents will be able to control all the smart technologies in their homes, pay their bills, request additional services and overall lead more efficient, convenient and tech-savvy lives through a click of a button.

”With smart cities shifting from a luxury to a necessity, we have succeeded to work towards our ultimate vision of creating sustainable, smart and happy communities. Today marks an eventful milestone in our journey to establishing fully integrated sustainable cities,” stated Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, President and CEO of Tatweer Misr.

He continued, ”We aim to provide our clients with added-value services and a unique product in the market, and therefore, at Tatweer Misr we make sure to partner with the best in their fields. Today, we took the word smart cities to heart and focused on every detail starting from the infrastructure and up till the different softwares and technologies ensuring that all our projects are fully sutainable & smart in every way possible.”

From his side, Mr. Michael Li, Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise Business Group’s Presdient commented, “Huawei Technologies is one of the few companies in the world that can provide collaborative ICT solutions. We are the leaders in integrating the digital and physical worlds. Together with our partners, Huawei is helping its customers reach the ultimate goals of Smart City projects by building intelligent cities, enriching the residents’ lives with technology, and boosting the economy.”

He added, “Powered by its dedication to reinforcing smart city services, Huawei Technologies is proud to bring its leading expertise in IoT to Tatweer Misr, thriving with its residents’ quality of life. We will support our partner with state-of-the-art technology, providing a single connected platform that ensures exceptionally Luxurious and safe homes. This comes in line with our unceasing endeavors in the local market employing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology towards contributing to Egypt’s vision 2030 to establish cities of the future.”

Li conculded, “Today is a special day, where we celebrate this cooperation. Huawei Technologies, with its wealthy heritage and witnessed presence in around 100 countries and regions, has previously assisted more than 160 smart cities and is now supporting Tatweer Misr in securing its projects’ operations while facilitating the lifestyle of its elite residents.”



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