Select Signs an Agreement with Fresh to Provide Consumers with most Innovative Devices

By Eman Hamed 

Select for information technology and communication the pioneer company in electronics and mobile devices announces signing new cooperation protocol with Fresh Electric for home appliances to provide Fresh branches with mobile devices and electronics.
Mr. Ahmed Mostafa Awadallah Select Chairman and CEO along with Mr. Ashraf Aly Hussien direct sales aadministrative and legal affairs head signed the agreement.

“We are happy to cooperate with Fresh Electric as one of the leaders in the electronics sector as the new cooperation aiming to provide Fresh branches with a wide range of electronics and small appliances such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming products besides the accessories” Said Mr Awadallah.

He added that the cooperation guarantees more expansion in Select branches and helps to reach more and more point of sales to new customers, on the other hand that agreement guarantees Fresh to increase the products its branches offer in addition to providing related services such as after sales and maintenance.

He declared that “Select” is an Egyptian Retail company, started in 2002 then reached 18 branches over Cairo, Giza and Alexandria with a very clear vision about online shopping which is a main marketing and sales tool that activates sales and enables the company to expand its consumer base.

He pointed that Select provides its consumer with integrated and special shopping experience as it brings them the products with installments systems, insurance, maintenance and after sales services which bring the consumers additional benefits.

He continued, “We are proud of all Egyptian industries, which were implemented with Egyptian minds and hands capable of innovation, and our top priority is to support the local industry and spread it through the branches of the Fresh.

He revealed the most prominent features of Select Company’s plan during the coming period, which focuses on expanding in different governorates through franchising and granting the right to franchise the brand.

Ashraf Ali Hussein, Head of Direct Sales, Administrative and Legal Affairs at Fresh, explained that this cooperation guarantees the provision of more new and distinctive products to the customers of “Fresh” branches, so that Fresh branches become after the new cooperation an integrated platform for home and personal appliances at the same time. One stop shop enables the customer to purchase all his needs from one place.

He pointed out that ‘Select’ is one of the leading companies in the field of technology, which owns a distinguished and strong product portfolio, and has successful partnerships with a number of entities that provide additional services to its customers, including installment services, insurance and maintenance, which adds various options to customers.

He stressed that this cooperation enhances the partnership and spread of both “Select” and “Fresh Electric”, as well as providing Fresh Electric customers with new products and better options, pointing out that this cooperation will be the beginning of strong relationships that will result in more partnerships and cooperation in the future and distinguished services for customers.

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