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Prometeon Tyre Egypt Collaborates with Ministry of Youth and Sports to Establish a Cutting-Edge Youth Club in Al-Nahda, Al-Amreya, with an Investment of EGP 5mln

By Eman Hamed

As part of its ongoing efforts to contribute to the development of the Amreya region, Prometeon Tyre Egypt, the sole global industrial tyre manufacturer in Egypt for heavy-duty vehicles and buses, is proud to announce the grand opening of a youth centre established in the El-Nahda area of Al-Amreya, Alexandria Governorate. This initiative was made possible through a partnership between Prometeon Tyre Egypt and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, following the latest model and adhering to universally accepted standards. The primary objective of this centre is to provide exceptional care and support for local youth residing in the villages of Al-Nahda region.

This momentous occasion was attended by the Centre’s Board of Director, local community leaders, and the top management of Prometeon Tyre Group. The inauguration ceremony symbolized the culmination of collective efforts and signified a new chapter of growth and opportunity for the youth of Al- Amreya district.

The project was established on land owned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with an area of 3,600 square meters, with a total investment of almost 5 million Egyptian pounds. The foundation and construction work for the youth centre also include the construction of a football stadium on an area of 2,400 square meters, and an administrative building, as well as the implementation of the basic facilities for the project. The final steps of the project include the establishment of a world-class sports facility, which will contribute to providing high-quality sports infrastructure for the youth of Al-Nahda area in Al-Amreya.

Prometeon Tyre Group recognizes the importance of providing the local community with a well-equipped youth centre. The company firmly believes that such an initiative will foster the physical, mental, and social development of the young population in Al Amreya. The youth club will serve as a hub for various educational, cultural, and sports activities, enabling the youth to engage in constructive endeavours.

Stefano Ziliani, CEO & Managing Director of Prometeon Tyre Egypt commented: “We’re grateful for the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their unwavering support throughout the project. The investment of 5 million Egyptian pounds in this cutting-edge facility reflects our dedication to providing the young people of Al Amreya, with exceptional opportunities in sports, education, and culture. Together, Prometeon Tyre Egypt and the Ministry of Youth and Sports are committed to ensuring that the youth club becomes a beacon of hope, providing invaluable resources and opportunities for the youth of Al Amreya.”

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