Misr Cement Group Collaborates with 4 Universities

Harhour: "Expertise exchange between Misr Cement Group and Egyptian universities is meant to empower domestic scientific research, as well as enrich the different parties’ knowledge of the latest worldwide updates; not to mention the cement market’s requirements."

By Eman Hamed


Misr Cement Group has recently signed joint cooperation agreements with 4 public universities, particularly the faculties of science and engineering. These endeavors aim to make way for knowledge exchange, as well as synergize young researchers’ academics with the hands-on experiences of the cement industry’s personnel.

The aforementioned universities are: Minya University, Luxor University, South Valley University, and Assiut University (Faculty of Engineering).
This elaborate initiative aligns with Misr Cement Group’s eagerness to fulfill its social responsibility; together with expanding in activities that support the business ecosystem. The group aims to create a shared value with the scientific and civil communities, via a structured CSR strategy, that is befitting of an industry as vital and enormous as the Egyptian cement industry.

Marking this occasion, Gen. Sayyed Abdel Fattah Harhour – Chairman of the Misr Cement-Qena, made a statement: “Through joining efforts and exchanging expertise with Egyptian esteemed universities, Misr Cement Group hopes to empower the domestic scientific research & development scene. This cooperation should also enrich the different parties’ knowledge of the latest updates worldwide; not to mention highlighting the cement market’s requirements.”

Eng. Tarek Talaat, Managing Director of Misr Cement-Qena also gave comment:
Misr Cement Group is keen on giving back to the community. We do so by supporting vocational education and attempting to reduce the gap between academia and corporate. Our strategy is based on making a positive impact on the industry’s ecosystem.” He added: “Nevertheless, Misr Cement Group’s contribution is not limited to providing financial support. It further includes dedicating the efforts and knowledge transfer of our qualified staff. We hope that together we will be able to contribute to the advancement of the educational process; while giving special attention to insolvent students. Additionally, we plan to provide scholars as well as technical & research calibers with internship opportunities; within institutions affiliated to the group and the designated universities.”

“The on-ground work include, for example, organizing conferences, training courses, and workshops. They also entail arranging for periodic workshops to deliver specialized scientific lectures and joint supervision of postgraduate thesis. More tangibly, we take it upon ourselves to properly equip science labs, in addition to refurbishing classrooms and dormitories.”

It is worth noting that the cooperation agreements between Misr Cement Group and the aforementioned universities tackle all the fields related to cement industry, from geology studies, mining plans along with chemical and quality analysis, to all complementing processes, mechanical and electrical works, cement tests, as well as environmental science.

MISR Cement Group is a prominent group of cement and building materials manufacturing companies in Egypt, comprised of Misr Cement Qena, Misr Cement Minya, and Misr Cement Beton.

Misr Cement Qena was established in 1997, with a capital of EGP 720 million and a capacity of 2 million T/Y to manufacture an array of cement-based products and byproducts. The company holds a bountiful share of 60% in Misr Cement Minya (previously Minya Portland Cement) – with a plant capacity of 2 MT/annum cement and 100% in Misr Cement Beton (previously ASECO Ready Mix) – with a plant capacity of 500 KMT/annum ready-mix Concrete, through 9 production facilities.

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