Microsoft Arabia announces participation in the International Conference and Exhibition for Education in Riyadh

By Eman Hamed 

Microsoft Arabia announces participation in the International Conference and Exhibition for Education in Riyadh.


Microsoft Arabia has announced participation in the International Conference and Exhibition for Education. The event is between May 8th-11th in Riyadh’s International Center for Conferences and Exhibitions, Saudi Arabia.


Microsoft Arabia is focused on several dominant topics at the exhibition:


  • Exchanging experiences and learn the skills and technologies needed for your students
  • Identifying technical solutions and showcasing recent innovations
  • Enabling accessibility through shared facilities and resources
  • Enable you to learn more about hybrid and blended learning
  • Promoting equal and fair education for all with Microsoft Technologies 


The conference aims to promote the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and represents opportunities to invest in developing education both locally and globally.


Moreover, the event allows participants to exchange their experiences of the challenges faced by the educational sector in the Kingdom and discuss solutions to raise the efficiency of educational institutions following the criteria and international indicators related to measurement and assessment.


Some of Microsoft’s partners will be showcasing sustainable solutions to empower students with learning disabilities during the exhibition.


eSense will present Bridge, a platform that offers a superior range of assistive solutions. The platform helps stakeholders support users and customers with learning disabilities through innovative software tailored to their specific requirements.


The software solutions are:


  • Bridge Live & Avatar – This version offers solutions specifically for students with hearing and speech impairments.
  • Bridge Interact – This version provides solutions for students with any disability.
  • Bridge Sense – This version provides solutions specifically for students with visual impairments.


Another partner, Key2enable, will showcase innovative and multifunctional digital accessibility tools that enable communication, learning, and inclusion. The tools are designed for students with physical and mental health conditions or any other health condition that inhibits their movement, speech, or comprehension.


On this part, Thamer Alharbi, president of Microsoft Arabia, said:


“Microsoft Arabia attaches great importance to the education sector, as the company has a long history of supporting the digital transformation of the educational process in the Kingdom, that has enabled millions of students and hundreds of thousands of teachers to use technical tools and complete their educational journey.


This is shown in the company’s various educational initiatives such as the Microsoft Academy, the Microsoft Innovation Center, and other initiatives aimed at transferring knowledge and bridging the skill gap between labor market needs and human capital potential, to upgrade the level of teachers and unleash the creativity of students.”


Al-Harbi praised the Ministry of Education’s success in using digital technologies that helped spread the experience of hybrid and e-learning.


The success story of the Madrasati platform is evidence that confirms the Kingdom’s continuous endeavor to sustain the educational process under any circumstances.


In the same context, Turki Badhris, Vice President of the Public Sector, said:


“We are pleased to participate in the International Conference and Exhibition for Education, which is one of the largest events related to the education sector in the Arab region, given that the education sector has become no less important than other sectors and even contributes to the advancement of the overall economy of the Kingdom.”


Saudi Arabia’s commitment to leading in the education sector is evident on various levels from the Kingdom allocating billions of SAR in 2022 to develop the educational system and skilling to Saudis winning three international awards at the Microsoft Global Exchanging Experience Conference 2022 for projects related to inclusion for students with disabilities in schools, combating climate change, sustainable development, and promoting environmental awareness.


The Kingdom participated in the conference as part of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and Microsoft Arabia, intending to exchange experiences on modern technical solutions and best practices for their application to improve the educational process.


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