Khaled Sabry Holding appoints Mahmoud Salah as Marketing Director

By Eman Hamed

Mahmoud Salah assumed the position of Director of Marketing at Khaled Sabry Holding Company for Real Estate Development, which has a strong precedent and long experience in the field of real estate development and was the first to introduce various types of distinctive residential projects to the market.
Salah said that the company’s marketing department focuses on achieving the maximum possible benefit for its customers by purchasing a real estate product of a high degree of quality and abides by all its promises and obligations towards them, noting that every word issued by the marketing department to the customer is a charter of honor and trust that must be adhered to and achieved to maintain credibility The company is with its customers and its good reputation in the market, pointing out that the marketing department is the link between the company and customers, and therefore it is fully responsible to the customer or the final consumer, and therefore there must be confidence in every step it takes.
 Salah indicated that the Marketing Department sets the company’s marketing plan and is responsible for setting the pricing policy, which requires that it be fully aware of all the circumstances and changes that occur in the market, and sets its policy based on correct, clear and well-defined economic feasibility studies, ready to deal with any sudden challenges, especially that The real estate market has witnessed successive changes recently, pointing out that the success of the marketing department lies in the correct pricing from the beginning, which achieves a balance between construction costs and a reasonable profit margin, and the income of the customer that he targets without any exaggeration.
He added that staying in the market during the next stage will be for companies that are smarter and safer in dealing with customers, and the ability to complete their projects because they have strong financial solvency that enables them to work under any conditions or shocks that the market is exposed to.
He pointed out that the coming period will witness a real filtering of the market due to the exposure of a large number of companies to stumble, especially those that do not have experience or are new to the real estate market and have not developed a strong strategy to meet any challenges in light of high prices, high inflation rates and fierce competition.
Pointing out that such companies have recently made unsuccessful attempts to stay in the market by presenting offers that are not achievable on the ground, but they will not be able to stay long and will exit the market in the near future.
He said that Khaled Sabry Holling has its own distinctive character and clear mark in the projects it offers, which makes it more distinguished than other projects and is not imitable.
It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Salah worked in many companies and founded a company specialized in marketing consultancy.
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