JUZUR Company Unveils its Vision with Eng. Tarek Nour as Managing Director and Dr. Moataz Shalaby as Head of Commercial Sector

By Eman Hamed

Embarking on a journey of innovation and excellence, JUZUR Company emerges onto the scene with a wealth of global expertise and ambitious strategic initiatives. The company’s inaugural steps include the development of three distinctive investment properties, with plans underway to secure additional prime lands.

At the helm of JUZUR, Eng. Tarek Nour assumes the role of Managing Director, bringing with him a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the American University of Sharjah and a Master’s degree in Business Administration specializing in construction projects, strategic and financial planning from the prestigious Coventry University in the UK. His extensive experience in project management and strategic planning across the Gulf region positions him as a key driver of the company’s success.

Dr. Moataz Shalaby, appointed as President of the Commercial Sector, adds a wealth of experience from his tenure in leading real estate development firms in Egypt. His strategic acumen and financial prowess complement JUZUR’s strong foundation, setting the stage for a compelling investment journey.

The diverse shareholder base of JUZUR includes investors from Britain, Canada, Sudan, and Egypt, reflecting a global perspective and a commitment to excellence. Together, the founding partners bring a breadth of experience spanning industries such as aviation, technology, mining, and finance, ensuring a robust foundation for growth and innovation.

Looking ahead, JUZUR not only envisions local expansion but also strategic ventures in Arab and European markets, with plans for international expansion set to commence in 2026. Dr. Shalaby emphasizes the company’s ambitious roadmap, designed to establish JUZUR as a leader in local, regional, and global markets.

In alignment with this vision, JUZUR’s commercial sector is poised for success, with a focus on attracting top-tier talent to drive marketing and sales initiatives. By integrating diverse expertise and fostering a culture of excellence, JUZUR is poised to realize its strategic objectives and set new benchmarks in the industry.

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