“HMD” targets housing 50% of “Two Towers” and “Golden View” projects in the New Administrative Capital

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“HMD” intends to house the first phase of “Two Towers” and “Golden View” projects in the New Administrative Capital, targeting during 3 months since the beginning of bidding.

Eng. Sherif El Ghazali, “HMD” CCO, said that the company’s target is to house 50% of “Two Towers” and “Golden View” projects.

He explained that housing will be done on 2 phases, the first one within 3 months, the second and last one during 3 months also.

He added that they have a targeted sales with 500 million pounds during the first phase, and 400 million pounds during the second one, pointing that “Golden View” project is a commercial, administrative, medical one on an area of 2127 square meters, including 186 residential units with various areas starting from 15 meters with height of ground and 10 floors.

As for “Two Towers” ​​project, it is “2 towers” ​​connected, one is administrative and medical, and the other is medical only, and it includes 302 residential units, and it is considered the first project in the “Down Town”, dedicated in this field, adding that the project’s height is ground and 12 floors and characterized by an excellent and lively location, where it is located next to a large garden on an area of ​​2622 square meters.

He pointed out that the units’ areas are varied to suit all clients, as the administrative units’ areas range from 23 to 36 meters, with prices ranging from 19 thousand to 54 thousand pounds, as for medical units, the price starts from 23,000 pounds per square meter.

HMD CCO said that entering the company two projects in the Administrative Capital, is an indication to HMD confidence and its financial capacity, as the company presents in the real estate market since 21 years, and has developed many projects in New Cairo city and other governorates

He noted that the idea of alliances and mergers is the best solution to deal with real estate market variables to create entities capable of continuity, competition and expansion and provision of liquidity for projects, thus HMD has been allocated with 4 investors
specialized in real estate development which are “Maelem Group”, “El Horreya”, and two other investors.

He added that bidding two projects simultaneously gives a great opportunity to the client to choose what he needs through excellence in units in terms of areas, prices and repayment systems, where a variety of payment systems including 10% out of the total price and installment up to 12 years without interest.

El Ghazali assured that the company will participate in local and international exhibitions according to the new year’s plan with the company’s projects, explaining that real estate exhibitions are one of the most important means companies used to market their products.

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