Ezan Development Launches its Flagship Project “The Median Residences”

is built over 20 acres of land, with an investment of EGP 2.2 billion

By Mohamed Kamal

Ezan Development announced the launch of its project “The Median Residences” in New Cairo’s Golden Triangle.

The mid-rise modern residential complex is built over 20 acres of land, with an investment of EGP 2.2 billion for all 3 phases, with 5.5 million invested in the first phase. Th project is set to start delivering in 2025. Ezan Developments, the second-generation offspring of EGYGAB Holding, focuses on developing high-end products with a differentiated approach to all aspects of operations and development to attract a more discerning client as well as investing in more properties that match their ambitions to breathe new life into an old industry.
According to its founder Sherihan Gaballah, most developments focused on the structural housing component of a project without much regard for the essential community elements such as facilities, schools and most significantly employment opportunities, all of which can lead to lower occupancy rates.
“When choosing the proposed site and design for “The Median”, our focus was to invest in areas of potential growth and long-term appreciation.” To her, regardless of the additional supply coming into the market within the new cities, “the market is still witnessing a strong performance especially in New Cairo within the golden triangle where prices continue to appreciate, and the area has become a center of business activity promising future employment opportunities.”
With an understanding that appreciation is not limited to location, Ezan designs its developments based on the changing requirements and new interests of its customers. To Sherihan, an architect by education, this means incorporating flexibility in design spaces, including spaces for privacy, improved connectivity and infrastructure for integration of technological solutions. At its core the Median Residences were designed with different requirements in mind allowing for 74% of green landscaping with water features along with facilities for homeowners to live, work, and play through the latest in advanced technology. Residents can enjoy accelerated productivity and entertainment by activating internet service, television, and fixed phone using optical fibers of the highest standards. The Median Residences values its community’s convenience and utmost comfort. Therefore, all homes are built with a smart home infrastructure that provides our residents with futuristic features for a customized living experience.
Ezan holds true to its aim to apply an understanding of the customer’s new needs and the market demands to future products. The Median sets the perfect balance between luxury and reason, thanks to its fully-integrated alchemy where commercial, educational, spiritual and natural distinction live at your door.

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