Emirates NBD Egypt ends 2021 with Multiple Successful Development Projects

Providing sustainable working opportunities for 30 fishermen as part of “Hayah Karima” Presidential Initiative

By Eman Hamed

Stemming from its belief in the importance of the banking sector’s social responsibility in supporting development projects and national initiatives, Emirates NBD Egypt was very keen to be part of, and effectively contribute to all initiatives aimed at those in need with a vision to achieve The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals “Egypt Vision 2030.”

Emirates NBD Egypt has collaborated with “Sonaa El Kheir Foundation” to make 30 sustainable job opportunities available for fishermen in Dakahlia, as part of “Hayah Karima” Presidential Initiative. The project will provide fishermen with 30 fishing boats, fishing equipment and a 50 m2 refrigerated storage room.

As part of the bank’s vision to empower Egyptian women, a new collaboration was signed with “Misr El Kheir Foundation” to repay the full debt for 16 imprisoned women in debt. In addition to another agreement in partnership with “Educate Me Foundation”, aimed at empowering female educators in public schools, by providing them with blended learning trainings on integrating technology in education and distance learning. This initiative intends to mitigate the negative impact of Covid-19 pandemic on education.

Likewise, in support of women in 2021, the bank has signed an agreement “Sewing the Seeds” with “ButtonUp social enterprise” to provide sewing skills and business management training to 100 female heads of households in Izbet Khairallah. The agreement aims at providing working opportunities to them, thus guaranteeing creative and sustainable source of income. The program also targets spreading awareness on issues such as gender equality to familiarize them with their rights as women.

Emirates NBD Egypt has also included the people with disabilities in its vision, by signing another agreement with “Sonaa El Kheir Foundation” aimed at renovating “The Model Center” to assist the blind and visually impaired and support mental and motor disabilities at Gesr El Suez.

The agreement involved renovation works for all dorm rooms, which was inaugurated in December 2021, and providing funds covering the needs of blind children and people with mental and motor disabilities. It also targeted facilitating their everyday activities, assisting with their educational endeavors, and eventually, qualifying them for potential jobs.

“Throughout the past year, we were very keen on being an effective partner and contributor in as much community projects and initiatives as we possibly could; especially those projects that targets the most in need, such as day labourers; a feat we have thankfully achieved for the fishermen and their families as part of “Haya Karima” Presidential Initiative.” said Mohamed Berro, CEO, Emirates NBD Egypt.

“We also strived to provide support to projects that empower women, whether through providing trainings and job opportunities or by settling debts for imprisoned women debtors and reuniting them with their families. In addition, we always have the specially-abled as a top priority whereas we work to eliminate any challenges they may face and enabling them to seize learning opportunities and be ready to join the workforce as active members.” added Mr. Berro.

It is worth noting that Emirates NBD Egypt has pledged that it will continue to support community projects and initiatives in 2022, reaffirming the banking sector’s role in supporting development projects for the whole society. 

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