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Counsel Masters launches the first phase of Mamshah Ahl Masr with a length of 1.8 kilometers

- On the Nile banks and with international standards, the project offers a new tourism, entertainment and shopping  experience for Egyptians 

By Eman Hamed  

Counsel Masters, one of the leading companies working in the field of consultancy and services for commercial agencies and hotel management, tourism and commercial projects, held a ceremony to launch “Mamshah  Ahl Masr” project, a walkway, crowning the beauty of the eastern banks of the Nile.

After the completion of the first phase located between Imbaba Bridge and May 15 Bridge and overlooking the hotels area with a total length of 1.8 km, Counsel  Masters is currently working on managing, operating , and marketing the commercial part of the project. 


In this regard, the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities indicated that the opening of “Mamsha Ahl Masr” for the first time to the public is an important event, especially that great efforts are being made to speed up the completion of the project in all its stages. The project includes a walkway of gradual levels along the Corniche, with an average width of the upper walkway. 4.5 m, the average width of the lower walkway is 6.5 m, and it also includes several facilities, namely: 5 restaurants, 5 cafeterias, 56 shops, 3 garages with a total capacity of 180 cars, in addition to 3 terraces with a total length of 315 m, accommodating 1240 people. The first stage also includes a theater on an area of ​​275 square meters, accommodating 772 people, as well as landscapes and fountains.

Assem Al-Gazzar added that work is in full swing to complete the remaining three phases, in coordination with the Engineering Authority, which is supervising the implementation, in order to speed up their completion on the specified dates.

In parallel with that, the lighting of the facades of all buildings surrounding the Ahl Masr project will be developed, explaining that the second phase of “Mamsha Ahl Masr” project, with a length of 3.2 km, is as follows: the distance from Qasr El Nil Bridge to October Bridge is 0.8 km long, the distance from October Bridge to May 15 Bridge is 1.1 km long, and the extension from Imbaba Bridge to Sahel Bridge is 1 km long. The third phase extends for 3 km and consists of two sectors, the northern sector of the Tahya Misr Bridge to the Coast Bridge with a length of 1.9 km, while the southern sector extends from Qasr El Nil Bridge to the Meridian Bridge with a length of 1.1 km.

Reflecting on this milestone, George Metry, Chairman at Counsel Masters, said, “Since the beginning, we have had a clear  goal to manage and operate “Mamashah Ahl Masr” project within the framework of international standards and the  application of an integrated strategy we set with the aim of providing a unique experience for the walkway visitors.” 

He continued, “In achieving this, we are relying on both our experience and expertise in managing all aspects of tourism, entertainment and trade for various projects. Our main objective is to achieve the national goal of the project in a manner where all Egyptians can enjoy a distinctive experience on the banks of the Nile.” 

He also explained that “’Mamsha Ahl Masr” project is a walkway overlooking the Nile River and open to all people within the state’s plan to develop Cairo and create large public spaces for entertainment, tourism and shopping. On a total area 7,100 square meters, the project features 45 units; 30 restaurants and 15 shops, and that about 78% of the total shops in the walkway have been rented so far.

It also includes 50 food carts for service and commercial activities, and an open theater with an area of 500 meters, which qualifies the walkway to accommodate more than 10,000 visitors.

As one of the major companies working in the field of consulting and services for commercial agencies, hotel management, tourism and commercial projects, marketing of commercial franchises and marketing investment opportunities in commercial projects in Egypt and abroad, Counsel Masters’ forte lies in preparing expansion plans for these brands by granting franchise rights, opening new branches, or providing proxies to trademark companies. 

This is in addition to Counsel Master’s previous work, which allows it to prepare plans for establishment, operation, ownership and leasing of tourist facilities, commercial centers and malls with the best innovative systems and global  technology in terms of operation and maximizing profitability.

Into the bargain comes setting up and organizing  exhibitions, economic conferences and events, especially since the company owns the exclusive marketing right for more 

than 65 local brands, and more than 80 international brands, with branches and representative offices in several Arab  countries. 

It is worth mentioning that the event was complemented with a nile tour with Cafelluca Nile trip to enjoy the charming view over the Nile.


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