Comprehensive stroke care launched in Egypt as part of revolutionary partnership between Elite Hospital and Medtronic

Collaboration will see brand new center dedicated to advanced stroke care inaugurated in Alexandria and the neighboring delta region to provide access for more than 15 million inhabitants

By Eman Hamed 

Elite Hospital and Medtronic, have announced the launch of first of its kind collaboration in Egypt to deliver advanced stroke care, specifically in  Alexandria and neighboring cities, through the establishment of a unique comprehensive center for stroke care.


The partnership between Elite Hospital and Medtronic will see the stroke center equipped with advanced tools and solutions to evaluate and enhance stroke-patient care pathways from the moment they are admitted to ER. Boasting clinical team excellence, hospital stroke process preparation, and stroke care continuum optimization, the care center will utilize Elite Hospital’s solutions and Medtronic’s expertise to improve stroke care efficiencies and improved the patient experience.


Stroke is a condition where the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, resulting in oxygen starvation, brain damage, and loss of function, which can cause permanent damage, including partial paralysis and impairment in speech, comprehension and memory. The term “Time is brain” is also often used in stroke care to emphasize that initial acute ischemic stroke treatment must be delivered within 3 hours of having a stroke.


In Egypt, over 200 thousand cases of stroke occur each year, and due to limited access to treatment, it is the third highest cause of death and the leading cause of disability in the country, placing a significant long-term emotional and financial burden on patients and their families, as well as the healthcare system.


“This partnership with Medtronic to improve stroke care in Egypt and address the growing burden of stroke could not come at a more critical time,” said Dr. Sherif Zidan, Chief Executive Officer of Elite Hospital. “Only one percent of stroke cases receive timely care in Egypt. However, through our easily accessible state-of-the-art facility, we are able to respond and serve patients across many areas, not just Alexandria, which will be vital as time is so crucial when it comes to stroke.”


“As a trusted partner in healthcare, we are unwavering in our commitment to driving better stroke care and helping the local health system to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend the life of patients,” said Eman Aly, Regional Head at Medtronic. “By working alongside Elite Hospital, we hope to establish a vast network in Egypt, which will not only help save lives, but also improve the quality of life for patients that suffer from stroke.”

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