Coca-Cola combines food, music, fun and sustainability in its first edition of The Coca-Cola Bites & Beats Food Festival

The Coca-Cola Bites & Beats Festival – an event promoting Food, Music and experiential activities created an opportunity for teens in Egypt to explore the association of Coca-Cola and meals in a way that develops meaningful connectedness, with sustainability in mind.

By Eman Hamed 

The Coca-Cola Company in Egypt launched an entertaining food festival tour – the first of its kind in the country – with an aim to always refresh its consumers, in addition to highlighting the company’s works towards giving locally to communities around the world, through a collaboration with the Egyptian Food bank (EFB). 

With the festival’s prime focus being food – known to bring families and communities together – the company aimed to unite a nation around a variety of cuisines with flavors and delicacies catering to a wide array of audience, and creating an unforgettable Coca-Cola-food-music fusion experience.

With a deep understanding of their communities of the young generation, Coca-Cola’s real magic tours kicked off with a VIP event in Cairo March 18 then moved to Helwan University for one day, and will be taken nationwide in Alexandria and Delta regions. 

The VIP event was attended by 1500 influencers, celebrities and key opinion leaders who witnessed Chef ElKhaldy and Mamushka’s Cooking Experiences work their magic through incredible cooking demonstrations, while enjoying a lineup of live music entertainment shows such as, DJ- Seif Talaat and Adham Duo, Youssef Fawzy (Saxophonist), Disco Masr, and Nelly Cassis who sang alongside rising star Mohamed Hussein – El Ghazala Ray’a in a surprise appearance. 

Malak Mohsen – Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Egypt said, “Our aim was to bring Coca-Cola, food, music and experiential activities, in one Real Magic event. And for us to do that, we collaborated with amazing Chefs, food franchises and artists. To make it an event without waste, we partnered with The Egyptian Food Bank. For years, sustainability has been at the heart and core of The Coca-Cola Company commitments, and today, I must say, it brings joy to The Coca-Cola family to be true to our purpose ‘Refresh the World and Make a Difference’.”

In that sense, to reduce food waste and cultivate sustainable relationships that support local communities, sustainable consumption was the basis on which the festival was organized, prompting a collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) to distribute excess meals to those in need. 

By fulfilling life’s greatest indulgences of music, food and experiential activities, the Bites & Beats tours attracted a total crowd of 40 thousand food and Coca-Cola enthusiasts to Helwan University alone featuring super star Mahmoud Esseily, Aly Loka and Khaled Eleish. 

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