Cairo Festival City Mall inaugurates a community school in Fayoum governorate in partnership with Misr El Kheir Foundation

By Eman Hamed

Egypt’s leading retail and entertainment destination, Cairo Festival City Mall, inaugurated Al Muqatla School for Community Education at Tamiya Educational Administration in Al Fayoum Governorate, in partnership with Misr El Kheir Foundation. The initiative is a continuation of CFC Mall’s steadfast social responsibility endeavors and part of the community schools’ renovation initiative. The new project comes in line with the government’s efforts to reduce illiteracy and dropout rates among primary school age children in remote and underprivileged governorates. 


The initiative includes a comprehensive renovation of the community school, where CFC Mall will be covering the refurbishment of the premises, providing the necessary equipment, essential furniture, school supplies and uniforms for each student, along with installing sterilization tools in the school for a safe academic year.


The project also catered to the needs of the staff; providing professional training programs to teachers to enhance the educational experience’s quality and standards, as well as laptops and data show for better quality education. The initiative also focused on providing equal education opportunities for girls, particularly as female students make up to 60% of total school capacity.


“The opening of the school is an important milestone in combating the hardships that many children endure and improving access to quality basic education. For this purpose, Cairo Festival City Mall chose to be part of such a great project, in line with its strategy to support community development and advocate for children’s right to education.” said Heba Abdallah, Head of Marketing at Cairo Festival City Mall.


“The initiative is part of CFCM’s belief in the importance of education and its imperative impact to children’s lives. Education is one of the most important causes that needs collective efforts and support, as every child should have equal access to it, a stepping-stone towards a better and brighter future for generations to come.” Added Heba Abdallah “We partnered with Misr El Kheir Foundation given its track record and unwavering commitment to community education. Over the last 12 years, the foundation has been able to provide educational services to over 30,000 children who have dropped out of school in remote and underserved areas that have been denied access to basic education, through more than 1,008 community schools.” 


“Doctor Saber Hussein From Misr El Kheir Foundation added that “MEK is continually looking for ways to offer educational opportunities for children who have dropped out of school, particularly in distant and disadvantaged governorates where schools are far from children’s homes, prompting many parents to let their children drop out”


“The cooperation with Cairo Festival City Mall comes from its vital efforts in the community development” added by The head of the education sector at Misr El Kheir Foundation.


As a vital part of its overall growth strategy, Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) is always committed to give back to society in a variety of ways, launching a number of initiatives to reach out to various segments of the less fortunate in communities and alleviate environmental pressures and their consequences across Egypt. As a result, CFCM initiates a variety of social activities to address the community’s challenges.

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