American Platform Leaders gearing up to launch “Homes.com.eg” platform in Egypt 

The new platform will include all the syndicated information related to the real estate projects

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The American company Platform Leaders is currently holding intensive discussions and meetings with local experts and market players in order to begin actual operation of the first specialized online real estate platform in Egypt. Platform Leaders is specialized in the development of tech solutions as a service in field of real estate sales and financial technology.

The new platform will include all the syndicated information related to the real estate projects, investment areas and opportunities in all new cities and other existing cities. Accordingly, the platform is considered a reliable reference for all those wishing to invest and buy properties in Egypt.

In press statement, Chairperson and Founder of Platform Leaders Ahmed Elbatrawy said that the main and ultimate goal behind launching this platform is to support property exporting operation, compliments with the government of Egypt’s initiative to attract foreign investments in the sector.

Elbatrawy pointed out that Egypt enjoys promising and attractive investment opportunities in a large number of vital cities and regions, but it lacks the availability of accurate and documented information about the projects and the process of acquisition, which in turn wastes billions of dollars of potential FDIs.

Elbatrawy added that this project is considered of national wide interest and will generate immediate returns for the state through integrating different players of the real estate marketing and sales and those in charge of the real estate sector in the fiscal system. These financial resources represented in the proper tracking of the sales and the movement of the real estate wealth and hence a better tracking of taxes and fees emerging during the process.

He pointed out that the platform named “Homes.com.eg” is considered the first and the largest online platform specialized in Egypt to list all the current real estate projects with a different international approach, assigning an initial investments of EGP 150m for the kickstart of the project.

He expected the success of the platform in Egyptian market, as it is one of the most important and promising markets in Middle East according to studies conducted by the company’s research team. However, this market needs to be regulated and re-organized.

Elbatrawy elaborated that the biggest obstacle that hinders the presence of the Egyptian real estate market on the global map and impedes property export is the scarcity of accurate information of interest to investors and developers which helps in making the investment decision in a successful manner.

“Platform Leaders’ strategy in Egypt is based on years of experiences in the real estate market of the United States of America extend for more than 30 years. Moreover, the success of its experience in the USA encouraged Platform Leaders to consider expanding and establishing branches for the company,” he elaborated. “the first targeted market is Egypt, given the remarkable transformation in the sector and let’s not forget the global digital transformation wave in the different business sector which have recently hit the Egyptian consumer, especially in light of the Egyptian state’s adoption of digital transformation in all formal and informal state bodies and institutions.”

He stated that Egypt is witnessing a huge development in the infrastructure and urban renaissance. Consequently, the success of the platform would compliments the state efforts through creating an organized digital real estate community, which in turn would attract local and foreign investments.

He further explained that the platform also helps buyers to browse the largest collection of properties in an easy way and allows quick access to reliable information related to property; also, features like comparisons between different properties that facilitates purchase decision are not compromised.

Additionally, the unique platform helps in facilitating the buyers’ access to mortgage financing, in addition to the updated information on all urban areas and investment opportunities on an ongoing basis through a professional and a qualified team, according to Elbatrawy.

He disclosed, “The platform will allow the access to education and training material for marketers and realtors on the “Homes.com.eg”  and qualify them with the most essential skills to ensure the proper deal closing. Besides, listening to customers through continuous surveys evaluating the technology and the realtors to ensure the optimal service quality and the proper scaling the system based on customers’ wishes and the company’s expansion goals.

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